Glassblowing Workshops

Spring 2014 Workshops


Saturday, April 26th
1-hour time slots available
from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

We added these Glass Flowers Workshops to our schedule last Spring and got a big response so we're offering them again this year.

This workshop allows you inside a working glass studio to learn how glass flowers are made. You'll get to choose your colors, and assist one of our "professional glassblowers" in the creation of a couple of one-of-a-kind keepsakes. We'll do the steps that require more experience, but you'll do the actual flower shaping so you'll be able to call yourself a glass "artiste" when you're finished!

Probably more than any other workshop project, each glass flower is truly a ONE-OF-A-KIND! Each flower will look different (bigger, smaller, rounder, loopier, more symmetrical, more "organic," etc.) depending how you pull and shape the molten glass as you're working. You'll get to practice with some clear glass before creating your colorful "keepers."

Because your finished flowers need to cool slowly overnight to prevent cracking, you won't be able to take them with you the day of the workshop. You can pick up your flowers at a later date or make arrangements for us to ship them to you. Then you can give them as a gift (Mother's Day is just around the corner!)… or keep them for yourself! Wait... you're making two! You can give one away and still have one to keep for yourself. Sweeeet!!

This workshop assumes that you have no experience with glassblowing so beginners are welcome. Cost for the workshop is $38 (2 flowers).

NOTE: These are likely the only Glass Flowers Workshops we'll offer this Spring so don't miss out!

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Advanced Workshops

2014 Advanced Workshops

Advanced Ornament Workshop

Advance Workshops are a way to get more hands-on than our regular workshops. We will be contacting folks on our waiting list to fill the Advanced Workshops. Once we've made it through the list, we'll let everyone know.

Open Houses


Sat & Sun, May 3rd & 4th

Our Open House is a great chance to get inside a working glassblowing studio and view the process of creating "art" (or something art-ish) from a glob of molten glass. There's nothing else quite like it!

At our Open House, there will be:
• demonstrations going on at one bench,
• more demos or workshops at the other bench
• plenty of glass gift items you can purchase
• the opportunity to watch, learn and ask questions about glassblowing
• studio tours, refreshments, drawings and fun

If you see one of our finished glass works and wonder how it was made, just ask. We'll try to work it into our demonstration schedule.

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