About Us


Artist's Statement

"As a child, some of my most vivid memories were of watching flameworkers at craft fairs and glassblowers at Colonial Jamestown.  I worked in stained glass for many years before I was invited to watch two friends in their beginning glassblowing class.  I was immediately hooked, and determined to learn the craft myself.  That was nearly twenty-five years ago. A machine designer and builder by trade, I researched, designed, and built all of the equipment in my studio.


Blown glass continues to amaze me every time I work with it.  When molten, the natural tendency of glass is  to assume graceful forms. Its ability to both absorb and transmit light and show depth allows beautiful effects not seen in other mediums.  I like the tactile experience of working with a gather of glass that is over 2000 degrees, using heat, gravity, and tools to control its form.  Glass is a difficult medium to master, demanding concentration, calmness, physical ability, and above all, a good dose of humility.  I hope that others find beauty and grace in my work, and enjoy viewing it time and again."


Our Schedule

Grand Rapids Glassblowing Studio is "hot" for four to five months per year, in the spring (March-early May) and fall (October-early December).  It is during these months that glassblowing workshops are offered, such as  "Blow Your Own Ornament", or "Create Your Own Paperweight". During these events, glass artwork is offered for sale.  


Due to the time it takes to supply his galleries and pursue other interests, John does not offer studio rental nor in-depth glassblowing classes.  He does not do glass repair, and does only a limited amount of commission work.