Create Your Own Paperweight: Spring 2019


These classic paperweights make beautiful gifts...or start your own collection!  Select your shape and colors from our examples, and participate in the sculpting process, while John does the steps requiring more experience.  Beginners are welcome.  

Paperweights are approximately 3 inches in diameter, and contain sparkly dichroic glass, glass cane, and encased bubbles.  Additionally, we will engrave initials, a name, or brief sentiment and the date on the bottom of your paperweight.  

Paperweights are made with guests one-on-one, one-at-a-time, and we can make 2 to 3 per hour. Your paperweight must anneal and have the bottom surface ground and polished, so you won't be able to take it with you the day of the event.  Paperweights may be picked up at a later time, or shipped for a fee.  

Cost: $75 per paperweight

Dates:  Sunday, March 24 or Sunday, March 31   BOTH DATES ARE FILLED

To request our wait list, send us an email with the information below.  We may offer an additional date.

To request enrollment, click below and give us your full name and your phone number, and  indicate the dates you are available, whether you need a morning or afternoon appointment time or could come any time, the total number of paperweights you will be making, and the number of participants in your party.